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Why The NP2 Cable Management Bay

About NEAT-PATCH — Cable Management Systems Done Right

NEAT-PATCH cable management products are the result of a former contractor's 20 years of frustration with traditional cable management. With a passion for network organization, his NEAT-PATCH product advancements come from his experiences out in the field — this is not "white collar engineering"! Organization is Everything is not just the NEAT-PATCH slogan, but a proven fact of successful network projects.

For over 10 years, NEAT-PATCH has worked closely with IT managers and end users around the world, tirelessly designing networks and developing ideal management of excess patch cable. NEAT-PATCH is patented patch cable and storage solutions that are compliant with telecom/datacom industry standards and support proper bend radius requirements. Our unique designs enable network installers and IT professionals to store excess length in an orderly compartment that discreetly installs between patch panels.

NEAT-PATCH product features include:

  • • Non-conductive, one-piece molded design — does not require grounding
  • • Internal storage for excess patch cable and greater patch cable storage than competitors’ products
  • • Ease of use when tracing patch cables between patch panels and network components
  • • Protective and attractive appearance
  • • Four cable entry knockouts with grommets
  • • Bend radius compliance
  • • Competitive and tailored pricing

If you have any questions regarding our products and services, please contact NEAT-PATCH and we'll happily respond.